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FMCSA Audits
Jeremiah Beaston from Sunrise Landscape Service asks PLNA: "We just got our federal DOT numbers. Now we are getting calls about an audit. Is this legit?"
PLNA: You will receive an audit from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration within 18 months of getting your federal DOT registration as a "new entrant." Private companies will call offering services to help you prepare for this audit, but you are not required to purchase them... 

High Court Decision May Affect ACRE
HARRISBURG – In December 2013, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed down a decision that may have far-reaching implications for ACRE and other state laws that preempt local ordinances. The decision revolved around Act 13, which is the law that established the ground rules for Marcellus shale gas well drilling in Pennsylvania. Under Act 13, state permitting decisions on the location of Marcellus shale gas wells could not be overridden by local ordinances... (more)

The Kudzu Bug is Coming to Pennsylvania
HARRISBURG - The Kudzu bug is now in Maryland and Delaware. This relative of the marmorated stink bug is moving north from Atlanta where is was introduced into this country from China. Can Pennsylvania be far behind? And like the marmorated stink bug, the kudzu bug also emits a strong odor that some say smells like mercaptan, the chemical that is put into natural gas and propane to make the gas detectable by smell... (more)

Palmer Amaranth Threatens Pennsylvania   
HARRISBURG - Be on the lookout for Palmer Amaranth! Pennsylvania's newest weed threat is resistant to glyphosate and other herbicides. And one plant produces over 100,000 seeds a season. While it has not yet crossed into Pennsylvania, officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture believe that it’s only a matter of time before it shows up here. The aggressive weed has been found in Maryland, Delaware and Ohio... (more)

April is National Lawn Care month
HERDON, VA - For many years, the lawn care and landscape industry has recognized April as National Lawn Care Month. The start of the spring season is the perfect time to harness the public’s excitement about the outdoors and remind them about the benefits of a well-cared for lawn. Be a part of promoting healthy lawns! EPA has concluded that a healthy lawn helps reduce runoff that can pollute waterways... (more)

House Bill Would Fix H2-B Problems
WASHINGTON, D.C. – PLNA has joined AmericanHort, PLANET and hundreds of seasonal businesses and associations in urging Congress to pass H.R. 4238, a bill that would fix the broken H2-B guest worker program. H.R. 4238 would do several things to correct flaws in the H2-B program... (more)

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