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Webinar - Build a Landscape Business That Runs Itself - Jeffrey Scott
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Webinar - Build a Landscape Business That Runs Itself - Jeffrey Scott


When: November 25, 2019
1:00 - 1:30 pm
United States
Jeffrey Scott


Join Jeffrey Scott for this exciting free 30 minute webinar on Monday before Thanksgiving, Nov 25, 1pm EST, where you will learn systems and real life examples of:
• How to attract and retain better employees,
• And build a better business, so you can
• Enjoy a smoother running operation, and enjoy more fun in your life.

With Guest Speaker, Dennis Evans, CEO of Quiet Village Landscaping in St Louis. Dennis takes off a week every month, while his business continues to run and grow.

Why is this so important? Because the promise of owning a business is that it becomes a profitable investment that supports your goals and lifestyle. But if you can’t properly staff your business, you dream will never achieve lift off. That’s why you'll want to listen to this webinar, to get inspired and learn what it takes to create a Self Running Business.

Register here. You must attend live,it will not be recorded

Why watch this now? Now is the time for winter planning for 2020 - and staffing and people systems are key to your strategy. But you can’t simply “hope” your people issues will get better. You need a proven game plan.

You will learn 5 Keys to attracting and retaining better employees AND implementing the systems and attitudes needed to build a better business SO THAT you will create a smoother operation THAT WILL give you the freedom to really enjoy your lifestyle.

Register now. You must attend live, no recordings.

Who is speaking You will hear from myself and Dennis Evans, a very successful landscape business owner who has figured out how to take off a full week or more each month, to enjoy life and adventure.

Takeaways from this free 30-minute webinar :
• How to avoid the biggest pitfall in building your team.
• What the best employees want, and how to give it to them.
• How to stay focused, positive and effective throughout the labor shortage.
• How to have more fun working "on" the business.
• How to implement five keys that Jeffrey will share with you, to help you "Become A Destination Company".
• How to achieve the lifestyle of a business owner (and avoid becoming a slave to your business).

Register here for this timely webinar


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