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Exceptional Leadership Award - Nomination Form
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2016 Exceptional Leadership Award -  Nomination Form

Nomination Guidelines

The Exceptional Leadership Award recognizes the efforts of an individual that "steps up to the plate” to take on different tasks in the name of the Association.  These are current tasks and may or may not be something that would qualify the individual for one or more of the more lengthy term of service awards. This award is considered more of an encouragement to continue participation rather than a "thank you” for a long term of service.  The award is open to any individual or group that has dedicated significant time or effort to advancing the PLNA cause.  Although there most likely will not be a large number of people recognized at one time, we do not want to limit the number that could be awarded at one time.

Nominations may come from any of the board of directors or any staff person of PLNA, since they would all be in the position to know of truly significant efforts put forth for the PLNA from any direction.

Please complete the form below to submit a nomination.  Nominations will be accepted through October 30, 2015.


Additional information is necessary to properly evaluate each nominee.  Please provide as much information as you can regarding the nominee's willingness and determination to lead or assist in promoting or accomplishing a PLNA event, program or task.

Please explain your nominee’s contributions to the respective PLNA event, program or task.

Now we need your information.  Be prepared to discuss your nomination at the June Board of Directors meeting.
Optional:  Please provide references who can provide additional information to support your nomination.  Please provide name, Company name, telephone number and/or email address.  References must be employed by a PLNA member company.

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