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PLNA Green Achiever Award
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PLNA Green Achiever Award

The purpose of the PLNA Green Achiever Award is to recognize an individual who is relatively new to the horticulture industry and is an upcoming leader within PLNA and the industry. The winner is judged in the areas of PLNA Chapter and State involvement and community, business and industry contributions. The Award was created in 1999 to pay tribute to a growing group of individuals who have started a career in PLNA and the horticulture industry.

Nomination Guidelines
The candidate for this award must be employed full-time in some phase of the nursery, landscape or allied horticultural field. They must have been affiliated with a PLNA member firm and demonstrated great achievements in advancing the green goods industry in Pennsylvania. The candidate should have served the Association on a committee level at some time during the past three years and must be recognized as an upcoming leader in the industry and helpful in disseminating knowledge to fellow nurserymen.

Only one nomination is accepted from any member firm. The winner will be judged on their promotion of PLNA and the industry, their standard of ethics, and the level of activity within the Association.

The nominees will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

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1. Nominations will be solicited from the Active PLNA membership.
2. Business success is not a basis for consideration.
3. All industry areas will be considered equally.
4. Nominees will automatically remain on the list for three years and need not be resubmitted each year.

Nomination and Judging Criteria
Business Contributions

Innovative techniques
Growth of your business
Advancement within the company
Corporate contributions

Statewide Contributions
Committee service
Support of association services
Attendance of state sponsored programs
Committee chairman/vice chairman

Community Contributions
Promotes industry to community groups
Promotes environmental awareness
Community activity/involvement

Industry Contributions
Attendance at conferences, workshops, etc...
Support of extension service
Shares horticultural information freely
Promotes professionalism within industry
Career recruitment at local schools


Past Green Achiever Recipients:(click on name for more information)

2018 Maddie Maynor, North Creek Nurseries
2017 Carrie Wiles, North Creek Nurseries
2016 John Mark Courtney, Aquascapes Unlimited, Inc. 
2015 James Kreider, PCH-SLC, LandStudies, Inc.
2014 Tim McGinty, Northcreek Nurseries, Inc.
2013 Christopher B. Uhland, PCH, Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC
2012 Brad Groff, River Valley Landscapes & Pools
2010 Travis Breininger, PCH, CLT, Natures Accents Landscape Services, Inc.
2009 Richard A. Wojton, PCH, Wojtons Nursery and Garden Center
2008 Angela Barr, Eichenlaub, Inc.
2007 Scott Burk, CLT, CLP, Scott's Landscaping, Inc.
2006 Edward F. Anewalt, IV, CLP, Anewalt's Landscape Contracting
2005 James MacKenzie, Octoraro Native Plant Nursery
2004 J. Andrew Sykes, PCH, Garrett Churchill, Inc.
2003 Gregory Schaffer, PCH, Greenprints
2002 Kirk R. Brown, Joanne Kostecky Garden Design, Inc.
2001 Henry J. Wojton, Wojton's Nursery
2000 Brett Fulton, PCH, Fulton Landscaping, Inc.

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