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High Tunnels and the Uniform Construction Code
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Governor Signs Bill to Exempt High Tunnels from UCC

October 29, 2014
HARRISBURG – Governor Corbett signed into law HB 1440 which exempts high tunnels, and all other agricultural structures in which crops are grown, from the Uniform Construction code.​.. (more)

Bill to Exempt Ag Structures from UCC May Move

October 6, 2014
HARRISBURG – A bill, HB 1440, that would exempt agricultural structures from the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) seems to have new life after PLNA teamed up with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to convince lawmakers that the bill was needed... (more)

Budget Issues Stall Legislation

June 2, 2014
HARRISBURG - With the impending state budget, legislation of interest to PLNA has not moved. That’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that HB 1440, the bill to exempt high tunnels from the Uniform Construction Code, still languishes on the Senate floor. This despite an all-out effort by PLNA and other agriculture groups to press Senate leadership to move it. In talking to legislative insiders, it seems that the Senate is looking for a Senate bill in the House that they can trade for passage of HB 1440, but as yet don’t have one that they want
... (more)

Movement on High Tunnel Bill

January 29, 2014
HARRISBURG – A bill (HB 1440) to exempt high tunnels (hoop houses) from the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) may be getting new life. Senate staff requested information from PLNA about cases where local governments had insisted on applying the UCC to high tunnels... (more)

Third High Tunnel Bill Stalls in Senate

January 2, 2014
HARRISBURG - Although the Governor signed two high tunnel bills in December, a third bill clarifying that high tunnels are not subject to the Uniform Construction Code (UCC), HB 1440, remains stalled on the Senate floor with no vote scheduled. HB 1440 passed the House unanimously and was reported out of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee unanimously without amendment last June. It needs only a vote of the full Senate to be sent to the Governor's desk for signature... (more)

Talks on High Tunnel Bills Progress

October 14, 2013
HARRISBURG - The four bills that are active in the General Assembly that would clarify that high tunnels are not subject to real estate taxes or the Uniform Construction Code may be moving again. The bills stalled in June over differences between the House and Senate versions of the bills... (more)

The Harrisburg August Doldrums

August 12, 2013
HARRISBURG – Even though not much is happening on the General Assembly calendar during August, PLNA continues to work with legislators and staff to position your issues for action this fall. PLNA’s key legislative priority, assuring that high tunnels (hoop houses) are not taxed a real estate, stalled in late June when the House and Senate agriculture committees could not reach agreement on bill language. Hopefully, the summer will bring a fresh perspective and the bills can be moved to the Governor’s desk for signature in the fall... (more)

High Tunnel Bills Stall as General Assembly Breaks for Summer

July 7, 2013
HARRISBURG - A set of bills to clarify that high tunnels are not subject to real estate taxes in Pennsylvania stalled amid a dispute over bill language between the Senate and House agriculture committees, leaving the high tunnel bills in limbo... (more)

High Tunnel Bills Clear House Ag Committee Unanimously

June 14, 2013
HARRISBURG - A set of three bills written to clarify that high tunnels are not subject to real estate taxes, were reported out of the state House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee by unanimous votes last Tuesday. The bills now move to the House floor, where committee chairman, John Maher (R - Allegheny) expects a vote by the full house this week... (more)

High Tunnel Bill Clears Senate 49-0

May 6, 2013
HARRISBURG - Senate Bill 638, which would exempt high tunnels or hoop houses from county or other local real estate taxes, passed the Senate April 30 with no dissenting votes, 49-0. The bill now moves to the House for consideration by that chamber... (more)

House Develops Version of High Tunnel Bills

April 5, 2013
HARRISBURG - Last week, Representative John Maher (R - Allegheny) directed his staff to develop a series of bills that would exempt high tunnels from real estate taxes, sales and use taxes and the Uniform Construction Code. Maher is the chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural affairs Committee... (more)

High Tunnel Legislation Broadens

March 6, 2013
HARRISBURG – Legislation designed to clarify that high tunnels are temporary structures not subject to real estate taxes in Pennsylvania is being broadened to include exemption of the structures from the Uniform Construction Code and sales and use taxes... (more)

Counties Tax Hoop Houses as Real Property

February 6, 2013
HARRISBURG - A disturbing trend to tax hoop houses as real property seems to be gaining momentum among counties. PLNA member Fairview Evergreen Nurseries in Erie County found their tax assessment jump when they installed new hoop houses for their container operation... (more)
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