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Careers in Horticulture
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Horticulture Careers


Pennsylvania’s Green Industry is a vital and growing sector of the state’s economy, generating more than $5.6 billion in total sales. As the Northeast’s leading horticulture state, Pennsylvania provides more than 73,000 jobs to its residents. The diversity within the industry helps to create various areas in which to work.


How exactly do you make the decision of whether a career in horticulture is best for you? A good place to start is to identify your skills and passions, and see if a career comes to mind that needs a person with those traits. When doing this, be sure to think "outside the box" because many careers exist that you might not have considered.


If you have some of the following traits, a LandLover career in the nursery and landscape industry is definitely worth considering:


·         mathematical and analytical skills

·         environmental awareness

·         creativity

·         problem-solving skills

·         enthusiasm for design

·         technological savvy

·         love for the outdoors

·         an aspiration to help people

·         the desire to work with their hands


If several of these attributes describe you, you might be asking: "Why should I choose a career in the nursery and landscape industry?" We're glad you asked. Here are the top 4 reasons to consider a career in the industry:


1. Jobs Galore. If you are interested in a skilled trade, employers in the nursery and landscape industry want you now! Many opportunities exist throughout the country, with positions available in every state.


2. Make A Difference. Working in the nursery and landscape industry can give you tangible results and immediate satisfaction. Working in this field offers the perfect opportunity to see something that you've created everyday.


3. Show Me The Money. A skilled nursery and landscape industry professional can make a good living - and the salary gets even better with experience!


4. Enter Through Different Channels. You can enter the field with a high school diploma, a college degree, or get on-the-job training by your employer. There are many colleges and universities throughout the country that offer degrees for the nursery and landscape industry.



There are many career possibilities in the nursery and landscape industry, including rewarding professions in:


·         Arboriculture – nurturing trees, shrubs and other woody plants

·         Garden Center

·         Gardening Services

·         Irrigation

·         Landscape Design

·         Landscape Installation

·         Landscape Management & Lawn Care

·         Nursery & Greenhouse Production


Check out the possibilities at to discover a job that you may have never thought about. See what responsibilities you'll have, what education you'll need, how you can advance and how much money you can make. You'll probably learn a lot that you didn't know before!


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