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Professional Certifications

One of PLNA's highest priorities is the support of green industry workers' ongoing quest to advance their professionalism through education.  PLNA offers two unique certification programs for individuals to accomplish this goal - Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH)and PCH-Sustainable Landscapes Certified (PCH-SLC).

Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH)

The PCH Certification is a program for those professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of plants, including their physiology, identification, culture, growth and maintenance as well as the basics of landscape design and installation and garden center operations.  Once awarded the PCH designation, the professional must maintain certification through a program of continuing education credits to ensure his/her ongoing knowledge and expertise as a professional in the horticultural industry.


PCH - Sustainable Landscapes Certified (PCH-SLC)

The PCH-Sustainable Landscapes Certification is an additional professional certification in one of the fastest growing areas of horticulture. A PCH-SLC not only has the deep understanding of plants and their care and use in the landscape, but additional specialized knowledge about how plants can be used most effectively to provide ecosystem services that improve water quality, air quality and enhance human health and performance.  A person must have attained the PCH designation in order to earn the PCH-SLC designation.  Just as the PCH, the PCH-SLC must maintian certification through continuing education with an emphasis on sustainable practices.

For more information on these certification programs click on the headings above.

Questions?  Contact Cathy Corrigan at or call her at 717.238.1683.

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