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MeetUp FAQs
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Question: What is a PLNA MeetUp?
Answer: It is an affordable and fun industry opportunitie to socialize, talk shop, foster local communities and get updates on PLNA happenings and industry news. They can range from the casual, five-person, coffee-shop roundtable - to the tour and backyard barbeque of a PLNA Member's business - or the catered, bartended, 100-person extravaganza. The type of MeetUp is totally up to the PLNA member hosting it.

Question: How is a PLNA MeetUp different from other events?
Answer: PLNA MeetUps are a chance for landscape and nursery industry professionals to educate and network with each other based on real world experiences while building relationships and connecting with fellow industry leaders.  

Question: Do PLNA MeetUps include formal education or educational speakers?
Answer: The activities are up to the PLNA member hosting and organizing the PLNA MeetUp.

Question: Who can host PLNA MeetUps and where are they held?
Answer: They are self organized events by PLNA members held throughout the state. 

Question: Are PLNA MeetUps for PLNA members only?
 Although it is required to be a PLNA member to host a PLNA MeetUp, the actual meetups are open to all industry professionals. Hundreds of landscape and nursery professionals are expected to participate and attend PLNA MeetUps this year.  

Question: Can participants who attend earn continuing educational credits (CEUs) at PLNA MeetUps?
CEUs may be awarded for those in attendance if the educational component meets pre-qualifications.

Question: How can I find out if a PLNA MeetUp offers CEUs?
PLNA will communicate through promotions of the PLNA MeetUp if it qualifies for CEUs. Note that not all meetups will qualify for CEUs.

Question: If hosting a PLNA MeetUp, how can the education get pre-approved for CEUs?
 Organizers of PLNA MeetUps that provide an educational component should contact Tina Rife,,  to inquire about pre-approved CEUs. If CEUs are provided, PLNA will promote the event qualifies for CEUs.

Question: Will you send us swag?
If you're having a PLNA MeetUp, yes! PLNA will send you a PLNA MeetUp Kit especially for these meetups.

Question: What is included in the PLNA MeetUp Kits?
 A PLNA table sign, PLNA brochures, name tags, pens, and PLNA swag.  

Question: Will a PLNA representative come to our PLNA MeetUp?
Yes, it could be PLNA Staff or a PLNA Board member or both.  

Question: We want your pictures and to hear about your MeetUp!
PLNA wants to share your experiences with the membership! Send a few photos from your event and a brief summary (like a short press release) and PLNA will share in the PLNA e-News, The PLNA Quarterly and on the website under the PLNA MeetUps web page.

Question: What does PLNA do for PLNA MeetUps?
PLNA will promote your PLNA MeetUp through all PLNA communications channels (PLNA e-News, The PLNA Quarterly, Upcoming Events fax, on

Question: Can we use the PLNA MeetUp logo?
  Yes. Please email for the logo along with branding guidelines.

Question: Do we need to have educational speakers?
  Not necessarily. It's up to the PLNA member host to determine if their meetup will be social, educational or a combination of both.

Question: I still have PLNA MeetUp questions.
  Email Cathy Corrigan, or Tina Rife, with your specific questions and we'll get you answers!


Want to host a PLNA Meetup? Awesome! Here's how...

  1. Tell us about your Meetup
    We'll review it and get back to you. If approved, we'll list it on our upcoming meetups page. We'll send you a nifty PLNA Meetup Kit containing nametags, PLNA member buttons and other swag. Give us a fair warning as kits can take up to 5 days for delivery.


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