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PA One Call


As a member, your PA One Call invoice will be paid by PLNA.  Here's how to save $125:

1. When you receive an invoice from PA One Call - DO NOT PAY!*

2. Submit your invoice to PLNA - (three ways to submit)

  • ONLINE: Complete the form below
  • EMAIL: Email the invoice to
  • MAIL: Send copy of the invoice to PLNA, 908 N. 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

3. PLNA will verify your membership and send the required information on to PA One Call on your behalf. Your account with PA One Call will be credited.

4. A confirmation of receipt and processing will be emailed to the email address on file for your company.

* Please note PLNA cannot reimburse payment made to PA One Call.

Questions? Contact Cicely Elliott at or 717.238.1673.

Thank you for taking advantage of your PLNA Member Benefit and submitting your PA One Call invoice! PLNA will confirm your membership and process your submission as required by PA One Call. Upon completion of this process, your PA One Call account will be credited if criteria is met. PLEASE NOTE: 1. PLNA cannot refund any payments made to PA One Call. If payment is made, you will need to contact PA One Call to request a refund. 2. PA One Call will only allow PLNA to submit invoices for credit on behalf of the member if the invoice is submitted in a timely fashion. If you find invoices that were not submitted in a timely fashion, you may be required to pay PA One Call for those late invoices.

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