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PCH Associate - College
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PCH Associate Program for College Students

PLNA has created a program to help students pursuing a degree in horticulture or landscaping related field prove their knowledge and skills and start moving toward professional certification and recognition and gain an advantage in moving ahead - the Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH) Associate program.

The PCH Associate program is focused on testing the knowledge of those individuals who have not yet gained the experience to pass the high level competency required by the professional PCH program. The PCH Associate is a stepping stone to attaining the professional PCH designation.

The PCH Associate program was initially created to provide an industry recognized exam to high school and career and technical school horticulture program students as requested by the PA Department of Education. As the PLNA Board of Directors reviewed the program they realized this is also a great stepping stone to give the advantage to college students.

The exam is comprised of 100 questions in the following areas:

  • Plant Health Care Practices
  • Basic Botany
  • Soils and Climate
  • Plant Identification

For college students who are members, it is a $25 investment to enter the program ($50 for non-members).  Each applicant has one year to the pass the exam. Exams can be proctored by a professor at your school or you can go to a local Penn State Extension office to take the test.

Upon successful passing of the exam (80%), the individual will be awarded a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH) Associate designation and have the opportunity to advance to the PCH Professional designation after one year. Individuals who attain the PCH Associate designation will be required to report Continuing Education credits and pay a recertfication fee every two years to maintain the designation.  

If you have questions, contact Cathy Corrigan at or 717.238.1673.




If you need to pay by check download the application and/or manual order form below.

PCH Associate Program Forms and Resources

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These forms for the the PCH Associate for Employees program.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PCH Associate College Student Application PDF (228.43 KB) Administration 2/7/2019
PCH Associate Employee Application PDF (216.04 KB) Administration 12/18/2018
PCH Associate Fact Sheet PDF (152.6 KB) Administration 12/18/2018
PCH Associate Recertification Guidelines PDF (126.04 KB) Administration 12/18/2018
PCH Associate CEU Guidelines PDF (126.11 KB) Administration 12/18/2018
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