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PCH Recert Requrements
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PCH Recertification Requirements


PCH Recertification occurs every two years and within that two year time frame you must obtain 24 CEUs; the equivalent of 12 CEUs per year. CEUs can be earned in Education and Service Categories; requiring a minimum of 16 Education CEUs or a maximum of 8 Service CEUs. A recertification fee is also required.

The two year recertification fee is $70 for PLNA Members and $200 for non-PLNA members. Recertification fees will be invoiced 40 days prior to your renewal date.  Invoices will be mailed and available online.  Online payments are accepted.

In order to keep track of your renewal period, we have issued an official PCH ID card to each certified individual. The card identifies you as a PCH in good standing along with your PCH Certificate Number and Certified Through (renewal) date. Carry this card with you to document proof of your certification.

Continuing Education Unit Requirements and Categories

CEUs can be earned in Education Categories and Service Categories or a combination of the two. Viewing exhibits and time on a tradeshow floor DOES NOT qualify for CEUs.

Education categories include the traditional continuing education opportunities (seminars and conferences) along with some non-traditional options such as obtaining additional certifications, writing articles, preparing educational presentations or self-study. Documentation of participation is required. A minimum of 16 CEUs out of 24 are required to be in Education Categories.

Service categories allow you to get credit for service above and beyond that of your normal required job duties, such as serving on Boards and Committees of Green Industry organizations, judging/proctoring certification exams, teaching or presenting at educational programs and participating in PLNA's Blogs and online Forums. A maximum of 8 CEUs out of 24 can be earned as Service CEUs.

Reporting CEUs

CEUs can be submitted at any time online through the Online Certification Center. Every PCH receives a login to the website and has access to monitor their PCH status including CEU reporting.  To ensure accurate reporting, please refer to the CEU Guideline Grid and CEU Category Description documents that can be downloaded below.  The new online reporting system requires less documentation to be passed along, however, PLNA suggests that you keep documentation of attendance if any question arises regarding your submissions. Online submissions will be reviewed within one week of submission and you will receive email notification when they are approved.

If you do not have an email address, which is required for a login, you can continue to report through the PCH Continuing Education Unit Reporting Form. Please make sure all information requested on the form is completed and the required documentation is included.

Failure to meet the required number of CEUs could result in the revocation of your PCH designation. You will be notified if there are any questions regarding your CEU reporting.  

Questions about CEU Reporting and Requirements should be directed to Cicely Elliott at or call 717.238.1673.


PCH Recertification Reporting Forms

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These files are for use by those persons already certified as a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist. Click on the applicable form to download.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PCH CEU Guideline Grid PDF (130.97 KB) Administration 8/1/2018
PCH CEU Speaking Documentation Form PDF (122.94 KB) Administration 8/1/2018
PCH CEU Writing Documentation Form PDF (120.82 KB) Administration 8/1/2018
PCH CEU Book Reporting Form PDF (121.45 KB) Administration 8/1/2018
PCH CEU Reporting Form PDF (218.53 KB) Administration 8/1/2018
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