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Spotted Lanternfly BMPs for the Green Industry
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Spotted Lanternfly BMPs for the Green Industry

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) has been working with various industries to look at best management practices (BMPs) to combat the spread of spotted lanternfly.  The Forest Products Industry began the process by creating a document specific to their industry. They identified different industry roles, and what practices were important to communicate to employees in that role within their industry.  Their document was taken up and revised by the tree fruit industry. 

Now a PLNA Member, Diane Salks, from Riverview Tree and Landscaping Inc. in Berks County, who serves on the Spotted Lanternfly Community Engagement Taskforce, has re-worked the document for the Green Industry.   The contents include:

·         BMPs for Company Management                                                     

·         BMPs for Land Owners

·         BMPs for Green Industry Workers                                                    

·         BMPs for Tractor/Equipment Operators/Truck Drivers                   

·         BMPs for Finished Product and Sales Areas                                      

·         Inspection Form Template                                                                 

·         Egg Mass Identification                                                                     

·         Egg Mass Removal                                                                            


As a reminder, businesses in the Quarantine area should enter into a compliance agreement/obtain a permit with PDA so that their business is recognized on the PDA website. 

Click here to download the BMP Guide

Click here to download the Inspection Form Template


For other industry BMPs for Spotted Lanternfly visit PDA's Spotted Lanternfly webpages.

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